Help us pick a name!

Hello! If you did not already know we are expecting another son towards the end of October and we've been trying to think of names, but haven't been able to really dicide on one. Which names do you like? Cast your vote below or suggest something else in the comments!

PECL Uploadprogress Install CentOS 5.x

From ( with one addition in red (for my own reference, really):

  1. Install php-devel package
    yum --enablerepo=webtatic --nogpgcheck install php-devel
    Adding --nogpgcheck gets rid of a public key error I was seeing when trying to install.
  2. install PECL uploadprogress module
    pecl install uploadprogress
  3. Once the file has been compiled, you'll need to tell php to load it.
    1. (option A)
      1. open php.ini
        nano /etc/php.ini
      2. add "" to the "extensions" section. In my case, this was around line 637.
    2. (option B)
      1. create a new file called uploadprogress.ini in the php extensions folder usually located at /etc/php.d
        nano /etc/php.d/uploadprogress.ini
      2. add two lines to the file:
        ; Enable uploadprogress extension module
  4. restart apache
    /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Just How "Old" is your Camera Really?

I promised a write-up, didn't I? So, Martha and I were looking to get some 1st year photos of our son, and we were relying on hiring a photographer since I sold all of my equipment about a year before. Well, that didn't happen as planned. What ended up happening was myself having to go out to buy new equipment in order to fill in as the photographer we thought we booked.

What I found on Craigslist was a Canon 1D mark II for 380 bucks (as of around June 2013), and a Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II that came with a film body for 50 bucks. There were newer cameras with and without lenses that were cheaper and more megapixels, but when I saw the 1D mkII at the price it was advertised I ignored all others and met the seller just hours later. Didn't even hesitate handing over the cash once I got it in my hands. BEAST!

So, I went from owning a 15mp Canon 50D from 2010 to an 8.2mp Canon 1D mkII from 2004. Sounds silly, right? Naturally, one would see 8.2mp as being worse than 15mp, and 2010 being better than 2004 since newer is better, right? Not really. Maybe these couple of points will help explain:

  • Big 100% viewfinder with .72x magnification (50D: 95% with .95x magnification)
  • 8.5fps (50D: 6.3fps)
  • 45 AF points (50D: 9 AF points)
  • FAST autofocus (50D: eh, it works)
  • CF and SD card slots (50D: only CF)
  • Weather sealed (50D: better bring an umbrella)
  • Tank-like construction (50D: at least it weighs less)

Not bad, huh? The AF system in this baby makes my old 50D AF system feel like ancient technology. It's very fast and very accurate; almost as if it can read my mind. Pair that with the big, bright viewfinder and I've found myself not having to fix leveling – a big problem I had with the 50D even after I installed the grid focus screen – and the success rate of photos that are actually in focus (i.e. eyes) has very much improved over my 50D.

Without question this camera is MUCH better than my old/newer 50D and a lot of newer cameras floating around Craigslist. At the price you can find these today I HIGHLY recommend picking one up, especially if it's to replace a 50D.

I can't wait until the 1Dx is 10 years old!

Haven't posted in a while, but...

Changes to this website should be expected soon!

What is "soon" you might ask? Well, when I get some time to work on my own stuff I will let you know! Keep me busy and have me develop your website! (just click here)